Hermann Buhl

Gone on this day, 1957.06.27; Hermann Buhl, Austrian pioneer, who made two first ascents, Nanga Parbat(8125 m) in 1953 and Broad Peak (8051 m). He died 18 days later after the ascent of the latter, during an attempt to climb Chogolisa, aged 32.

Evi Yangdol

*’Evi’ is the Ladakhi word for grandmother,
and a
** ‘Rongba’ is a flatlander; someone who’s from the plains 😉

Song of the *Shangku

In these harsh cold highlands
reaching the skies
The cloud sprites dance
to the cadence of my song.
The spindrift, a cruel ringmaster,
An agony of purification
Into the bones.
Yet, as the flakes
like a benediction descend
It matters not, to my call to the wind;
For this is MY land;
And I am unafraid.